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Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018

Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018Linking building and site structure go hand in hand. You might be tempted to only spend your time on building your external link structure but it is also important to not forget about spending time doing something about your internal site structure as well. Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018.

Key Areas of Your Internal Link Building Include:

Footer Links: Your footer is an amazing way to really increase your internal link building. There are many ways you can approach constructing your bottom navigation and it depends on how your site is built but a bottom footer with links to your important pages is a great way to strengthen your internal link building.

This is an example of our footer. You can see we have links pointing to all of our most important pages throughout our entire website. This helps drastically with our internal link building efforts.

Interlinking Pages: Different websites have different ways they achieve this but interlinking pages also strengthens your internal link building. For example, if you have a product or service that is similar to another product or service you can hyperlink a keyword on one page and link directly to the other page of the similar product. This is not only good for internal link building but also user experience. You have now created a quick and easy pathway for a reader to use in order to find another useful service.

Blog: Launching a blog embedded in your website is also a nice way to interlink your website. As you write blog posts and those blog posts bounce around in the search results you can embed hyperlinked keywords to other important blog posts and also service pages in your posts. This could also help your external link building because if someone takes a post you wrote and spreads it through their social channels that could build up new one way links pointing to your website.

Internal link building is very important to the overall success of your website and your long term SEO efforts. Remember that your website is the foundation to everything you do online so make sure your website is 100% efficient.

Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – Create a Link Building Program Series

Businesses online are always trying to think of new ways they can generate good quality exposure and great links pointing to their site that could lift some newly found power over to their website and get it really moving around in the search engines. Website owners sometimes have a hard time coming up with something new that simply hasn’t been done online and sometimes it just takes a creative mind. Try putting together a series of videos or blog posts that can be rolled out over a period of time.

A series can be anything, it is important that your website has a blog you could write regarding this link building activity. A series like a company branded toy that each employee has to take home and take photos with or the evolution of a product that can be cataloged and then written about in the company blog. The goal is to get people coming back and possibly writing about your series of events or stories in their business or personal blogs leaving nice links behind to your website or specific event you are writing about. A series like this also shows that you as a business have the ability to showcase a personality. A personality on a business is what allows one company to stand apart from another company in many situations. Sometimes all it really takes is a few brainstorming sessions to put together some sort of blogging series that can generate new eyeballs. Often times you might get someone that has seen your business and not paid much attention to it until they see something like this and all of a sudden see you in a new light.

Link building comes in many different shapes and sizes and all it takes is a little bit of creative thinking. A series of blog posts or videos can also help really strengthen the overall brand. Brand building has no definition; it takes some outside of the box thinking and some real elbow grease but can be done by any business looking to grow. Brainstorm some ideas your business can do a series of blog posts or videos on and watch things change quite a bit for your business in the online space.

Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – Recommended Blog Research Techniques

Almost every industry out there has some sort of industry blogs that a business can comment on to help with their link building. It’s very rare that you find an industry without a place to leave any comments even if it might only be a few. There are ways a person can find industry specific blogs if they are uncertain on where to start looking.

Blog Directories: There are many blog directories out there like Blog Catalog or Blogged that showcase some of the best industry specific blogs in any industry. It is a great starting point to start with your research when you are trying to put together a blog commenting campaign.

Blog Rolls: Often times when you find a blog in your industry they might have a blog roll set up to show their audience other industry specific blogs that are relevant. I have come across some blogs that have been known to showcase almost every single important industry blog in their specific field in their blog roll really helping out my research efforts.

Blog Search: As simple as it might sound try just doing a search for your specific blogs in the search engines. See what you come up with. You might just find some of the best blogs to leave comments on directly in the search results. Try doing a web search and also look for keywords in your industry under the actual blog search attached to your favorite search engine. Most search engines will allow you to actually do a blog search right through the engine.

Blog Lists: Use the word “lists” in your search phrases to find others who might have put together a list of your top industry blogs already. Putting together a list of the best blogs in a certain industry can often times bring nice rankings along with traffic so someone in your industry will often times complete the grunt work to find the top industry blogs for you already.

Unless you are in a very tight niche you should be able to find some blogs in your industry where you can leave educated comments on. Just take the time and look around in order to find what you are looking for.

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Best Premium WordPress Themes For 2018

Best Premium WordPress Themes For 2018I once thought StumbleUpon was completely nofollow, but then I realized that it isn’t completely so. When you bookmark your web pages at StumbleUpon, those pages are nofollow. But your profile links are not. What that means is you can add links to your profile at StumbleUpon and those links are dofollow, completely. Best Premium WordPress themes for 2018.

There are many social bookmarking sites set up that way. StumbleUpon is not the only one. The reason links in your profiles are dofollow and all others are nofollow is because these sites don’t want you to show up and spam them thinking that you are going to build links back to your website. That isn’t the case and there a couple of reasons why.

No. 1, Google only counts so many links from one site. Yahoo!, on the other hand, doesn’t but that’s really a side issue. Those links will still count as inbound links to your website, but you have to build a lot of them.

The second reason why StumbleUpon, Twitter, and many other social media sites pass link juice through your profile and not through the actual bookmarks is because they really want to reward legitimate users for using their site. If they didn’t give you link juice in your profile then it would all be completely social and there would be no search engine benefits at all to using the sites. But they don’t really want that. They want you to be rewarded with higher search engine presence, but they don’t want to be spammed to death so offering link credit from your profile page but not from the actual bookmarks is a fair compromise for you and for StumbleUpon.

So how many links can you have in your profile? I’m not sure there is a limit. But there is a limit to how long your profile can be. And as long as you aren’t using it to be a spammer – that is, you are putting legitimate websites that you own in your profile and a fair amount – then StumbleUpon is happy (and so is Google).

Premium WordPress Themes – Sidebar Links

Link popularity is the number of links you have point back to your website. While sheer numbers alone are not enough to ensure high search engine rankings, getting a lot of back links is important as part of your search engine optimization strategy. There are several ways you can get those links.

One way is to search and find high PR websites that will link to you because they love you. That’s a difficult task and can take a long time to win over those high value links. You might even have to pay for some of them (which I wouldn’t recommend). Another way is to build up your arsenal of back links by building links over and over and over again. Sidebar links in your blog can do that.

It is difficult to gauge whether repeated links in a blog do any good at Google because Google doesn’t report every link. But Yahoo! seems to report them all and I can tell you that one blog with a 1,000 blog posts and a link in its sidebar to a sister site will register as multiple repeated links to that website. Every time a page is indexed at Yahoo then you get a new inbound link. That’s why many times you’ll see your link popularity numbers for Google in the double digits and your link popularity at Yahoo 20 or 30 times that.

Just imagine the kind of link popularity you can build with five or six blogs, each focusing on a separate niche of your business and pointing back to your primary website. Google may not like blog networks, but it Yahoo doesn’t seem to mind and you can still get a lot of traction at the search engines with Yahoo. Plus, other, smaller search engines have similar policies as Yahoo when it comes to counting those back links. And all it takes is for you to get in good with one or more of those search engines (such as Ask or Dogpile) and Google will love your site too.

Premium WordPress Themes – Article Marketing

If you’re familiar with article marketing then you know it’s a good way to build links back to your website. Another way you can do that is by using Blogspot as an article marketing tool. Sign up for a Blogspot account and create a new blog. Take one of your articles and use it as a blog post then link it to the page on your website where you want that link to point. Do this about ten times using a different article for every blog post. Don’t add each article to the same blog. Instead, create separate blogs using the same account and upload each article as a different blog post.

An alternative to this is to create different user accounts and add one article to each account, but you have to keep track of ten different logins and passwords. That’s why I only recommend one account with ten blogs. The reason you don’t want any more than ten blogs is because if you get too many then it could raise a red flag and all of them could be removed as spam. But if you use this tactic moderately then you’ll get ten new inbound links from a good domain name and since each blog is a separate domain name then each one will count as a separete link.

Blogspot is a good place for this because it is owned by Google. Ordinarily, such neighborhoods would be flagged as bad neighhborhoods due to an abundance of spam. But Google isn’t going to do that to its own web properties so Blogspot is a safe bet for inbound links.

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